Introducing our new cognitive system

Introducing our new ARC cognitive radio and dispatch system, unveiled yesterday at our partner IBM's office. Our new cognitive system is our provides never before seen self-aware and self-learning modular radios and communication system. Some of the features that include the ability for DXBm and LINC to consistently learn the usage of the user by automatically tuning the radio to a channel based on locations. Our cognitive radio and dispatch system also keeping records of dead zones and locations to allow our DXBm and LINC to intelligent know when and how to use it's different modes of communications. Truly making them the first intelligent modular two-way radio.

ARC cognitive dispatch system also allows our users to interact with a virtual dispatcher, by simply talking to ARC. Users can ask ARC to merge zones and channels for instant interoperability. ARC cognitive dispatch can also tie into any inventory system allowing employees to instantly get updates about what is in stock straight from their DXBm or LINC without the need of walking to the back of their store. Simply ask from your radio "What is in stock". Users can also upload and download frequency/group profiles to/from ARC with a simple push of a button. Our LINC and DXBm emergency mode including fall detection to alert someone of injuries to workers, hikers and family who might be in trouble.

"We are very excited to add these new features with the collaboration of our partner IBM," says CTO Hermes Jimenez. "Our goal has always been to provide innovating products and to separate us from the norm. Our newest partnership with IBM and their Bluemix Watson IoT allowed us to do just that"

The DXBm for nexpaq eco-system and the LINC MotoMod for the Moto Z both will have access to ARC cognitive dispatch system. Look for our products this summer.

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