Your two way radio just got smarter!

Introducing the NEW DXBm

Developed in 2012 and formerly known as the Alianza DxB, the DXBm is the world’s smallest DMR modular transceiver for voice and data. The DXBm transforms your smartphone or tablet into a two-way radio which easily integrates into your existing LMR system and gives you all the same features you would expect from any big name vendor. Fantom Dynamics has partnered with nexpaq, the makers of the modular smartphone system, to make the first consumer DXBm to be integrated into the modular phonepaq, batpaq and wallpaq product.

The DXBm can also be custom designed to meet any customer special requirements.

Key DXBm features
• Modular design, no need to carry ditch your smartphone or carry a secondary devices
• Programming right from your phone or via the cloud for large fleets
• Built-in RoIP gateway mode with ISSI and AIS integration for your DMR or P25 networks
• Hot Swappable between mobile devices
• Available for Android, iOS and Android Auto
• Integration into our LINCanywair infrastructure

Perfect for

Private security • Military • Logistical • Construction sites • Businesses • Hotel • Outdoor activities • Ship to shore • Police/Fire/EMS • Pipeline and more…..

One Device For All

Stay Connected

The DXBm two-way radio module operates multiple bands and works with all current two-way radios and infrastructures making it a breeze to integrate into any existing infrastructure. It has easy to navigate menus and controls, including programing frequencies, channels, and scanning features right from your smartphone or tablet.

Digital Voice

The DXBm is the world’s smallest analog and digital mobile radio (DMR) module, providing users with excellent voice and data quality with AMBE 3000™. The DXBm can be integrated into your current DMR LMR network. BriCom Solutions, the parent company of Fantom Dynamics, is a DMR Association Member.

Cross Platform

The DXBm can be controlled right from your smartphone or tablet using nexpaq’s app available for Android and iOS. Program frequencies, CTCSS/DCS, groups, scanning features all from your phone. You can even run the DXBm along side other 3rd party modular apps to create the ultimate smart two-way radio.

DXBm Module

  • Features
    • Interchangeable with your smartphone and tablet
    • Works with iOS and Android
    • Works with moduware modular ecosystem
    • Custom design integration
    • Hot swappable
    • Available in multiple band configuration
    • Simple operation of radio features
    • Voice encryption
    • Cloud base programming of all your channels
    • DMR module
    • Integrates right into your existing radio network
    • Communicates with other two way radios
    • Stop carry multiple devices, true all in one solution
    • Removable antenna
    • Bluetooth Remote Speaker ready
  • Technical Specs
    • Available in VHF/UHF & custom bands
    • Operating power output up to 4W
    • CTCSS and DCS
    • Channel spacing 6.5/12.5 / 25kHz
    • DMR (AMBE3000™) capability (only on DMR models)
    • Group call, single call, all call
    • SMS
    • High power speaker
    • Extend your smartphone battery with integrated extra 1000mAh battery in the nexpaq case.
    • Programmable right from your phone
    • Compatible with Bluetooth remote speaker mic

Reserve your DXBm for the nexpaq modular systems

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