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The first smart walkie-talkie to seamlessly mount to your Moto Z smartphone

Meet the Linc Smart Walkie Talkie one of the grand prize winning MotoMod™ "Transform your Smartphone Challenge" A device that will keep hikers, friends, family and emergency personnel connected which easily attaches to your Moto Z phone.

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Fantom Dynamics LINC
Linc: The Smart Walkie Talkie DMR is a revolutionary MotoMod device that seamlessly mounts and connects to your Moto Z as well connects with other bluetooth enabled smart devices. In combination with the smartphone, it is an essential communication tool for each and every outdoor enthusiast.

Linc is not a bulky or complicated radio system. Unlike other walkie-talkies, its slim design is stylish, lightweight, rugged, and barely changes the look of the typical smartphone. It's slim design also allows it to easily fit in your pocket or backpack.

Linc operates on dual band frequencies for voice communication perfect for outdoor recreation.

With a range of up to 5-6 miles, this radio is perfect for family and friends to stay in touch whether you are climbing a mountain, tackling a backcountry trail, making your way through an amusement park, or wherever cellular coverage is not available.

The Linc allows users to communicate with other Linc devices and other traditional walkie-talkies regardless of the vendor.

Perfect for

Hiking • Skiing • Mountain biking • Family outings • Disaster preparedness • Emergency Personnal • Public Safety

How it works

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Linc Smart Walkie Talkie works by seamlessly mounting to any compatible Moto Z Family of phones and once connected starts our ARC controller app. Our ARC app will automatically start operating right out of the box allowing users to begin using Linc to communicate with others within a 5-6 mile radius.

Linc allows for group and private 1-to-1 text messaging by using the ARC controller. Users simply open our app and begin messaging with the same look and feel of your smartphone’s text messaging app. Users can even broadcast their locations to other users within range all without WiFi or cellular connections.

Our dual band radio allows us to provide both voice and data over separate bands ensuring you will always stay connected. Linc can even communicate with other two way radios from different vendors or smartphone users around global with our built-in radio-over-IP gateway. The Linc is the ultimate communication device connecting you to all your family, friends, and coworkers.

Linc DMR provides the most advance communication device on the market ready for public safety FirstNET network.

feature list

Works with any two way radio on the market

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What makes Linc unique is its ability to communicate with any two way radio equipment regardless of the vendor. Linc operates on standard VHF & UHF Analog and DMR channels with access to CTCSS and DCS and tones. Other options include scanning, priority scan and call groups.

Linc also works with other smartphone devices. The Linc’s onboard Bluetooth allows for any smartphone to connect and control Linc. Allowing non Moto Z users the availability to use Linc while on the go by putting Linc in your pocket or clipping it to your backpack.

Winners of the MotoMod™ Smartphone Challenage

Motorola Transform your Smartphone Challenge

We are excited to announce that our Linc Smart Walkie Talkie is one of the grand prize winning MotoMod™ "Transform your Smartphone Challenge" headed to Chicago to become a reality. We are all very excited and honored to have been chosen with our vision of a complete off grid interoperable smart walkie talkie. A device that will keep hikers, friends, family and emergency personnel connected!! We would like to thank all of our backers for their support and feedback.
LINC motomod

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  • What features does Linc have?

    • 1-to-1 or 1-to-many - Voice and SMS within a 5-6 mile radius
    • Selectable 0.5w/1w/2w RF power output
    • VHF/UHF frequency bands
    • Water and dust resistant
    • Broadcast current smartphone GPS location coordinates to your group without cellular service
    • Scan Mode
    • NOAA weather radio
    • Emergency alert Button transmits beacon SOS signal
    • Rechargeable 1500 mAh battery for up to 20 hours stand by

  • Who can I talk to using Linc?

    Linc allows you to talk to other Linc devices and also any other two way radios, no matter the vendor. Linc also allows you to text message other Linc devices within range. Linc’s built-in radio-over-IP gateway enables users to reach people beyond your range. When a Linc user is within Wi-Fi or cellular range, the user can now connect off-grid users and connected users together all over the world.

  • How far can Linc communicate?

    Linc has a range of up to 5-6 miles in open area and roughly 2 miles in a urban environment. Linc also allows for programming of repeater frequencies that allows for much great range and up to 25 miles.

  • What makes your product different from other similar smartphone radio devices?

    Linc isn’t an app, it is physical two way radio that allows for both voice and text messaging all without a wifi or cellular. Linc is also modular, which allows your to remove and add Linc to your Moto Z as needed. Linc’s biggest feature is the availability to communicate with any other two way radio regardless of they manufacturer unlike other devices on the market today.

  • What frequencies does the Linc operate on?
    Linc operates on
    VHF 134-174
    UHF 400-480

    In Amateur radio mode the Linc operates in 2m and 70cm bands
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